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This is where our customers
get to "Show Off" their work!!

Hey All, here's where you get a chance to show off your work to
the world! This page is dedicated to all those who put in long hours,
trying to make the world a little prettier. So if you are one of our
customers, and would like to show off your work, "Send Me Some Pics"!
Send your pic's to, also please include your
name, and website or auction link if you like, and I will post it with
your pic's.

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Lets Show Off!!

Stuart Braid, FIRST cz Gem
just finished this last weekend. My first faceted stone cut from that last batch of
pink CZ that I got from you late last year. It's not competition quality - there are
three small triangles on the pavilion and the girdle isn't quite symmetrical and that
means that the crown facets don't quite match up but to the naked eye it looks
pretty good.

"Great Job!! For your 1st stone Stuart"

Here ar a couple pieces made by Jack Mayers
Here are pics of a project I just finished. Our Bolivia tour stopped for lunch
way out in the boonies on a spot occupied by Incas and by Indians for hundreds
of years before them. The ground was littered with potsherds. I gathered a handful
and gave most to my grandkids for show and tell. I was assured the two best shards
were pre-colombian, set them set them in silver bezels as pendants and wove silver
necklaces. Gave the jewelry to my daughter and daughter-in-law.

"Nice Job!! Jack"

Here are the pictures of my stone. It is 94.118 carats of the tanzanite
blue synthetic fused quartz. I have the stone mounted in a caliper stand.
Mike Sassaman

You did a great job Mike, keep up the good work!!!

These Opals were cut by Bob Lombardi, of Melbourne, FL. They Were cut from
our Mintabie Sand Skin. The left stone is 36x26mm. To check out Bob's Auctions,
click Here

Two "Beauties" nice job Bob!!!

These beautiful pendants were made by Edward Ruberto of Niles, Ohio. Really
Nice. If you would like to take a look at Ed's current auctions, click Here and see
more of his fine work.

Beautiful work Ed!!!

"Hey" I can't let you all grab all the glory, so here's a piece I made for
one of my customers a couple years ago. Its a 14k diamond, sapphire, & opal
necklace. Not a bad job, even if it was me that did it!! :) :)

This is a 25ct., Rutilated Quartz cab cut by Shane Gibson of Hayesville NC.
Great job Shane, keep up the good work!!

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