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Select Facet Rough Lots &
Single Pieces

Please Note: In this section only the lot or piece pictured is
available, please do not order multiples from this section, Thanks!

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(sfr024 Facet Spodumene Crystal)
This is a slightly tinted Facet Grade Spodumene crystal, the
usuable part is approx., 53 x 15 x 9 mm thick, it weighs 123 cts..
Nice piece to keep as is or cut, its up to you.

Price.....$35.00.....Add To Cart

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(sfr040 Facet Angle Hair Rutilated Qtz.)
This is a larger piece of Angle Hair Rutilated Qtz., it
weighs 540cts., and is approx., 50 x 39 x 32mm.. There are
a few vails in the piece it could be trimmed out to cut
3 or 4 nice gems, or 1 big one with a couple vails. About
10% on one side of it is waste and can be sawed or ground
off. Still a very good piece of rough.
nice gems!

Price.....$30.00.....Add To Cart

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(sfr030 Facet Amethyst)
This Piece has some color zoning, but if orentated right it should
cut i nice medium colored gem. It weighs 367cts., 50 x 32 x 25 mm..

Price.....$75.00.....Add To Cart

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(sfr031 Facet Tinted Quartz)
This is a huge nearly clean piece of slightly tinted quartz.
It has a few outer marks that at the surface on one of the corners.
It is approx., 81 x 64 x 35 mm thick and weighs 969cts..


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(sfr034 Brazil Burgandy Rhodolite)
Burgandy Rhodolite smaller pieces are near clean to clean
a couple of the larger ones will neede trimming or spliting,
total weight for the lot is 315cts., largest pc. is approx.,


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(sfr035 Ruby Spinel Crystals)
This is a lot of small Rare Ruby Spinel. These would facet
small gems or be great to add to your crystal collection.
Total weight for the lot is 5.53cts., the largest pc. is
approx., (.44cts.).

Price.....$40.00.....Add To Cart

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(sfr037 Rutilated Smoky Qtz.)
Nice large even colored Rutilated Smoky Qtz..
This chunk will facet a really pretty gem, it weighs 612cts.
and is approx., 60 x 45 x 35 mm.. It has a couple vails and
marks, but they are outer edge and should be lost in cutting.

Price.....$91.80.....Add To Cart

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(sfr039 Nigerian Amethyst Lot A)
This is a 273ct., lot of Nigerian Amethyst Points, much cleaner
tan lot B. They are about 75% to 90% facetable, if you saw or
slightly trim them. Once again I did not trim this material
just in cast someone wants to use them as they are. Like lot B
I have seen this rough cleaned up selling for $1 to $3 per ct..


Quartz Facet Rough

Facet Clear Qtz.
Trimmed 95% to 100% clean, 5 to approx., 100 ct pcs.
    100 cts $3.00 Add To Gem Bucket

Neon Qtz.
Trimmed 98% to 100% clean, 5
to approx., 30 ct pcs.
100 cts $15.00 Add To Gem Bucket

Black Phantom Neon Qtz.
Trimmed 98% to 100% clean, 5 to approx., 30 ct pcs. Mixed shades, light
to dark. Cut gems to show off the Phantom, or use Phantom to lighten or
darken a solid colored stone.
100 cts $10.00 Add To Gem Bucket

Garnet Facet Rough

Facet Native NC Rhodolite, the finest
in the World! To see a complete list
of pic's & prices, click below.

Facet Color Change Garnet. 100% color
change! To see a complete list of
pic's & prices, click below

Other Facet Rough

Facet Fire Opal Mix.
Pieces 98% to 100% clean, 2
to approx., 10 ct pcs.
25 cts $100.00 Add To Gem Bucket

Field Run Grade Rough "FRG"
First let me explain "Field Run Grade" to you. Basically this means that most of the
absolutely clean material has been removed. Don't fret, what makes Field Run material
a good bargain, is that most all the "JUNK" has been removed as well. Each piece should
at the very least cut a good quality cab, or slightly included to included faceted gem,
and there should still be some good facet material that will produce clean to near clean
smaller gems if you take the time to clean them up. Some dealers also refer to this material
as "Semi Facet" I don't really care for that term because how do you Semi Facet something.
In any case here's your chance to do a little extra work and save some bucks!
NOTE: FRG (Field Run Grade) Lots are non returnable.

FRG Medeira Citrine.
Pieces 2 to approx., 10 cts.
100 cts., $10.00 Add To Gem Bucket

FRG Lavender Amethyst.
(Rose De`France)
Pieces 5 to approx., 30 cts.
100 cts., $5.00 Add To Gem Bucket

FRG Silver Topaz
Pieces 2 to approx., 30 cts.
100 cts., $5.00 Add To Gem Bucket

FRG Blue Topaz.
Pieces 2 to approx., 40 cts.. Light to medium color.
100 cts., $7.50 Add To Gem Bucket

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